Friday, August 14, 2009

Race Update

I haven't talked about racing for a while. At the Canyons ICUP race I double flatted out on the 2nd lap, which was okay because it meant I didn't have to do a 3rd. At the Sundance race last week I flatted on the 1st lap which stunk because it meant I didn't get to to the 2nd, and I was climbing and descending dreamily.

Anyway, two DNF's was frustrating because I've felt like I've really got my fitness back where it should be, and much closer to where I want it to be.

At Soldier Hollow this week, it became evident that a group of the riders had strategized to ride the first two laps slow(er). I knew that if we all just dilly-dallied around for two laps it'd be a brutal next two and I wouldn't be able to hang with hardly anyone in the top 8-10. So I tried to push the pace the first lap and foil their plot. It seemed to work, as the lead group dwindled and Wolfe wheelied in front of me. I knew pushing the pace wouldn't drop everyone, but I knew that for me to get a good finish it's what I needed to do. Wolfe and another guy decided to take off on the 2nd lap and Matt and I had a battle for 3rd that lasted until the 4th lap when Matt dropped me. Derrick caught me on the final descent and tried to outsprint me before the pavement - so I dropped some 4x moves and blocked the inside line, forcing him to take the outer, slower line, and allowing me to get back in front for the sprint for 4th, which I took. (see, watching all those DH/4x movies pays off!) It was great to have to put some thought into a race, ever since I moved up to expert I've just been riding as hard as I can to finish the race, it was fun to finally have some tactics. Makes me miss being a cat 4/5 and racing the crits at TP (Thanksgiving Point).

I also got in trouble by a few of the racers (Jay), for running an "illegal" bike. Apparently there is a unwritten rule that limits bike weight to 24 lbs or more for the Wed. night series. Oops. I've been cheating by 2+ lbs. all year. Apparently the gold chain is a no-no as well...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Funny Time