Monday, May 4, 2009

Mud, Flats, and Rock'n'Roll

The ho-down at 5 mile pass was last weekend. It rained all night and morning before the race. They shortened the race from an 11 mile loop to a 4 mile loop. My category did 3 laps.

2 miles into the race I was all excited coz Dan, Racer, and I were all in a row, like ducks. Then my rear tire started going flat. Then my front tire started going flat. Then I thought the rear one sealed up so I kept riding. It didn't. So I stopped and fixed it. Which pretty much put me out of contention for anything but last place in a race this short. Then I thought the front one sealed up so I kept riding. it didn't. So I walked/rolled into the start area where I got some air in my tires. I though the front one sealed up so I started lap 2. It didn't, and slowly leaked as I rode with the leader of my category, who was starting his last lap. Then I had to start being really careful coz the tire was so low. Then the bead popped off and I lost all pressure. So I walked through the mud to the start line. Where I stole Chad's wheel (Thanks, Chad). Then I rode my last lap. Without incident. Too bad everyone else was already finished.

That makes 4 or 5 flats in three races, and at least one mechanical in every ICup race this year. No worries, we'll figure this tire crap out and get a good finish soon.

The race pics Ash took are funny. Here are a few of other racers:

Here are a few "action" shots of me:Yup those are mid race photos. Sweet. Racer flatted too.