Thursday, September 23, 2010


Ashleigh's single speed had a terrible gear ratio (39x18!) and she was spun out all the time. So we decided to get some fixin's. The handlebar is a downhill bar and I had to cut almost 7 inches off of it!

My favorite part is the machining on the back of the chainring:

Saturday, September 11, 2010


We made it out to Flagstaff for Labor Day Weekend. And we got on our mountain bikes which was excellent. We had a good ride in the hills. We were climbing up and I was thinking, 'oh man this is great I haven't gotten out of shape because I can hammer up these climbs'; then we came down and I was in that awkward too-fast-to-pedal-but-too-slow-to-be-fast place that you get in sometimes on a single speed. It was then I realized that this wasn't Dry Canyon or the altar. It was still a blast, it just wasn't Utah steep. Which is probably a good thing. There were some good technical sections and I'm sure we'll be there again soon.

Sunday we went to the Grand Canyon, which is a big whole in the ground. The whole time I kept on thinking of TroubleMaker's description of White Rim: You go down into a hole and then you ride around another hole. Ashleigh and I both agreed that we'd rather be in the bottom looking up.

It was a good weekend, and made me remember that mountain biking is fun. I'd like to ride mountain bikes again someday...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary Ashleigh!

My tough little Ashleigh and I have had a lot of great adventures over the last 3 years. Here's to many more adventures to come!