Monday, November 30, 2009

Refinish or....???

I decided about a month ago to refinish my road bike. I think I had been hanging around Craig a bunch and talking about "murdering out" stuff. So I needed a black bike.

Anyhow, I started sanding the prepping the frame today. Problem is, I'm really digging this distressed look. Something you'd never see on a road bike, but still kinda cool. It might stay this way for a while...

Here are some of the crappiest pictures ever: What do you think?

Tis the season...

for debranding...

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Won the 1st moto, 2nd in the main. Getting decent at gates, need to work on manuals. Super fun racing guys my age instead of 15 year olds that smoke me.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

R.A.T. or not

Dan and I were going to ride around timp on Friday. Mother Nature had other plans. So we smoked the pipe instead. Dan and Aaron have got me hooked on that thing. Doing it in the snow is fun too.

We headed up Betty and it was slow going. The mud made it slippery and pretty hard to keep traction. Miraculously, I can run 18 psi nowadays and never bottom out. I don't know why I had to run 25ish on the superfly but can run less on a rigid bike. Weird. Anyway, the low tire pressure helped out. After grinding our way up to the rock pile, we cruised over to dry canyon.

We thought it might be dry over there. Nope. It was muddy there too. It was one of the funnest descents ever though. BonnyShorline was drier.

Last time I was out Brandon mentioned that Dry was a descent where it helped to know the trail (I've now done it 6 times - 2 at night). I'm getting faster through that section. Shoreline I can rip on coz I've ridden it for almost 10 years, It was the first (and only) singletrack I rode besides racing until 2005. So I know it pretty well.

All in all, the snow ride was a good ride, albeit about 4.5 hours shorter than we planned. Dan was nice enough to rinse my bike off for me, it was muddy. Thanks Dan.

At the rock pile. Stolen from facebook.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Does this mean it's official?

Am I a true BMX racer now that I have my license? Doubt it.


I ran a 6:18 mile yesterday. Wow, that's only 2 minutes of my best. I was actually trying to run 7:30s but my splits were obviously way off. I use the digital clock at the indoor track to time myself, and I just wanted every lap to be x:10, x:40, x:10, etc. 90 second laps, 5 laps per mile, 7:30 mile pace right? Easy enough. Well my laps started being at x:27 and stuff that I couldn't figure out in my head. Afterwards I settled into a 7:30 pace and it was a lot easier.

So...maybe I'll start running more than once a week. Maybe I'll get to where running doesn't feel like taking a jackhammer to my poor cycling legs. Maybe I'll try to go under 5:00. But that might be silly. And really, a sub 5 minute mile? Really doesn't seem that fast. And having to work for something that doesn't seem fast? Seems crazy. Maybe I'll try to run under 4:40. Now that's just insane.