Thursday, December 18, 2008

2.5 Hours in 16.0 miles = 6.4mph

I knew we were going slow. But at least we rode. Outside. In 20 degree weather. While it was snowing. But at least we rode. Did you ride???


Anonymous said...

Dude you may have been slow but I was REALLY slow. 3 hours @ 135 bpm average @ 0 miles per hour.

fam-man said...

That was the most tiring 6.4 mph (I didn't know you had a speedometer) I've ridden in a long time. Had to down a gallon of hot chocolate and lots of holiday sweets to refill the carbs and heat we used. Can't wait for the next snow.

fam-man said...

forgot to mention my next years racing bike will be a "next" full suspension with .23 inch of travel after getting schooled by a guy with a sweet "next" bike and a brief case.