Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bike Lust

My appreciation for 29ers runs pretty deep. That's all I've ridden for a few years. But then Felt announces this:
2011 Felt Virtue LTD. I'm in love with that Yellow over carbon. After suffering through 70 miles of rough rigid riding in Breckenridge, I think this might just be the ticket. I think I've probably stared at this picture for 15 minutes today.


Rick Sunderlage said...

I know just the shoes that will match that frame. And you already have the gloves.
Do it. You'll be making sick money in about 4 years.

South County Ciclista said...

I love suspension.

Brad said...

How much, do you know?

Kyle said...

Rick, I didn't even think about the shoes. Now I have to do it.
Brandon, me too. For some reason, riding without it has helped me remember that.
Brad, I'm not sure, but Felt's high end framesets have been around $2200 for a few years. Without suspension. So I suspect that it will be too pricy. Their completes are usually a much better value.