Sunday, October 31, 2010

Niner Fork for sale

So, rocky Arizona has turned me into a wimp. I'm selling my rigid carbon Niner fork. For a low, low price of (email, call, or leave a comment, and we'll discuss prices in the range of $275) this fork can be yours. This isn't just any niner carbon fork either. It has a resume. Like, winning the inaugural hell-o-ween hillclimb, coming close to the podium repeatedly at ICUP and Sundance races, not winning the Sea Otter Classic, as well as being quite the looker. This fork will enhance the look of your bike guaranteed, making you and your bike look younger, fitter, faster, and crazy. Guaranteed to raise trailside questions and comments including "Wow, a fully rigid fork, you must be so hardcore*, and "how can you ride that bike here?". At which point, you will smile, tell them how nice it rides (for a rigid fork) and how much lighter it makes you. Only you and I will know that you only do it for the attention. So, if you want to be the attention getter on the trail, if you want to be a true "hardcore*" cyclist, then take a look at the pictures below, and let's get in touch. Steerer tube is just under 7 inches.

*please replace "hardcore" with "insane".


Ashleigh said...

And you can't forget the podium in Breckenridge!

Dan said...

wait, isn't that fork excellent against "trail side damage"???

If it doesn't sell can we just do our own durability test on it?

Tim and Sara said...

1920's technology dude