Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dawn, Dusk, and Finals

So, it's finals week for me. I'm done with two, have one to go. Anyway, that's boring. Where it gets interesting is during the part where 3 months ago, before I knew how much work finals were in law school, I signed up with Dan and Nails to do Dawn to Dusk on one of my reading days.
By the time raceday came around I was burned out on studying and ready to ride pedal bikes. I was also behind on studying and could really have used the time to study. Luckily I had already committed to this race.
We ended up getting in 10 laps, 4 for Dan, 3, for me and 3 for Nails. I was pretty nervous about keeping up with those guys, I've been riding but no intensity and had a few weeks off of riding due to school. I feel like I rode pretty well, although my heart rate was through the roof the entire time. There was a section on my third lap where I was at my max - 200bpm for 2 minutes straight. My legs felt good though so I kept pushing. It was also my first ride with suspension in over a year. That was pretty nice. Good times!
Below are some photos of the race experience.